The Albany Files - A Dresden Files RPG

Lindsey Boothe (The Butcher’s Boy)

Tonight started as normal as ever and ended about as far from normal as possible. Receiving a call from Duncan and Sam, I met them under the overpass to 787. It was there that a young boy named Alex was murdered. It appeared he had been torn apart or sliced up, maybe both. He also had some white and grey hair or fur on the body, which Dave thought smelled like wolf. I gathered some blood and hair from the boy, but this proved unnecessary. We received a call from Michael about a scared little girl and went to Equinox to catch up with him there. There we learned that a butcher shop on Grand was the scene of the murder and that people in chains were being killed and cut into meat. David, Michael and I traveled there and found that in fact the meat hanging in the window was human. On close inspection we found that the shop was empty, but discovered a secret door behind the cash register that led to a horrifying chamber where the atrocities were obviously committed. Finding a secret tunnel under this room we followed it to the Trinity Outreach Center and Soup Kitchen. In the basement there were rooms that locked from the outside, obviously holding pens for the homeless they plan to butcher. Catching up with the Sam, Duncan and Nathan at the Elbo Room we learned that a werewolf pack operating in the area of the parks called Lupus has been besieged by what sound like about 5 ghouls. They appear as Slavik men and have been operating on the South end. It is then that Duncan advised us he had been told about the crime from a women claiming to be from a law firm. From the sound of the effect Miss Ducharm had on Duncan she is certainly White Court. It is my best guess that whatever is controlling the ghouls has become a nuisance to the White Court and they are trying to use us as a Cat’s Paw to get them out of the way. Things are looking grim for us.



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