Turf War


The PC’s have discovered Threads, his connection to the butcher shop, and spoken with his friend Camile about his murder, learning about how fast and powerful the “Butcher” was.

After speaking with Maugrim, the leader of the werewolf pack at the Elbo Room, they learned that the werewolves are apparently losing a turf war with a pack of ghouls. Maugrim (after receiving a mysterious phone call from someone qualified to give a werewolf pack leader orders) has promised pack assistance in any showdown with the ghouls.

That led them (back) to the butcher shop where they found that the meat hanging in the window was about as far from Kosher as you get. When they investigated the closed butcher shop they found a secret tunnel leading to the Trinity Outreach Center, possibly home to a pack of ghouls, in addition to being a community service center and a soup kitchen.

Sam’s Writeup

Ghoul-Moon, Lindsey’s Writeup

Turf War

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