The Blade of Montagiu

Michael's Sword

weapon (melee)

“Taking Up the Sword” – the blade must be used to defend the innocent, or slay the wicked, and if used for selfish purposes, it misses.

“Never Retreat”- When the odds are against the Knight (and/or his party) he receives +1 to his Weapon Skill.

“Devout” – This blade may only be wielded in combat by those of the faith.

“Rally the faith” +1 to the “Bless This House” when in possession of this sword and openly acting in your role as holy warrior. If you are in disguise or hiding, this does not take effect.

“Tactical Justice” establishes a +1 threshold in any room or building substantial enough to provide some tactical advantage when defending against an assault, where there wasn’t previously a threshold.

“Unbreakable” Normal rules, in addition the sword rejects it user if it is involved in a great act of cowardice or perfidy. (normal rules include a ritual can destroy it).

“Nightmare of the Crusades” When the sword hits a supernatural enemy, even one that can’t normally be harmed by a sword and even if it does no Physical damage, the wielder may attempt a contested Conviction roll to cause one Mental Stress, as their opponent has horrific visions of the wars of the Crusades. The stress fades one a round after combat with the wielder is over.


My Sword is the blade of Pedro de Montagiu. He was the 15th Grand Master of the Templar, and was best known for his effective actions which led to the defeat of the Muslims and Moors to liberate Jerusalem. In their defeat, the Muslims returned captured soldiers, a piece of the True Cross, and stopped attacking Jerusalem. He was one of the most renowned warriors to have led the Templars. Michael will call his blade “Montagiu”.

The Blade of Montagiu

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