Michael Boothe

A holy warrior bringing justice down on the supernatural world.


Physical ****
Conviction ****
Social ****


Great(+4) Conviction Good (+3) Weapons and Endurance Fair (+2) Guns, Might and Alertness Average (+1) Athletics, Resources, Fists and Stealth


Bless This House Guide My Hand Person of Conviction Item of Power: Blade of Montigu

Refresh Adjustment: -4


Michael is the twin brother to Lindsey, a Iraqi war veteran who left the Marines after his last tour was up. Michael is 33 years old, 5’7" tall and maintains the physique of an active soldier. Michael’s only known income is from his time in the Marines, he doesn’t have a job, nor does he look for one. Michael keeps himself busy staying in shape and wandering the streets of Albany at all hours. Michael has always been very religious, however when he returned from the war he did so with a new religious zeal, and he spends much of his time at the Cathedral of the Immaculate, on the corner of Madison Ave and Eagle St., next to the Governor’s Mansion.

Whether its PTSD or a calling from above Michael wanders the streets of Albany with a concealed shotgun and sword. He calls himself a “Holy Warrior”, but doesn’t go into detail if asked. He is always ready to stand by his sister Lindsey to fight the darkness.

Paying the Troll his Due
Michael and Lindsey were returning home and as they headed to the bridge to go home, they hesitated with an unknown fear. They crossed together, and a monster swung out from under the bridge and roared at the children. Michael crashed into the monster’s knee while his sister ran past the monster. Michael followed Lindsey and they hid beyond the bridge behind a bush. Lindsey wished they were hidden, and the monster couldn’t see them, leaving them alone.

Michael Boothe

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