Lindsey Boothe

Pharmacist and Potion Maker


Lindsey is the twin sister to Michael, a pharmacist and a low level practitioner of magic. Lindsey is 33 years old, 5’3" tall, with brown hair and eyes and blends in easily with a crowd.


  • Great(+4) Lore and Discipline
  • Good (+3) Scholarship and Conviction
  • Fair (+2) Endurance and Presence
  • Average (+1) Alertness and Rapport

Stunts and Powers:

  • The Sight
  • Channeling-Spirit
  • Ritual-Veils

Focus Items:

  • Wand +1 to offensive control-Spirit
  • Shield Ring +1 to defensive control

Rote Spells:

  • Invisibility veil for two (2 shifts)
  • Kinetic punch-Uses a surge of spirit energy to knock away object/foe
  • Decoy-Creates a nearly perfect copy of Lindsey while she remains hidden

Enchanted Items & Potions:

  • Healing potion-Completely heals minor injuries and reduces the impact of major injuries
  • Invisibility potion-Makes user invisible for 1 scene
  • Escape potion-Transports user up to five blocks away
  • Strength potion-Gives human users inhuman strength for 1 scene, gives inhuman users super human strength for 1 scene

Lindsey and her twin brother Michael were raised in Albany by their parents. They grew up Catholic in a house built by their grandparents. Lindsey and her brother were always very close and even share something of a “Twin Bond”. Lindsey and Michael’s father Allen died in a car crash when they were 8. Their mother Lisa, who was a low level practitioner of magic, raised them. When Lindsey was about 12 her magical abilities began to show themselves and her mother taught her a fair deal about magic, potion making and lore. Lindsey’s magic skills leaned towards illusions and veils, unfortunately meaning she would often disappear from places and be considered absent from school, though she was in fact there. It seems Lindsey had become very easy to overlook. Lindsey went to Albany College of Pharamacy and while there her mother disappeared. Michael was overseas in the Marine Corps at this time and Lindsey had to handle the search herself. Unfortunately it yielded no results and all of Lindsey’s best Thaumatergic efforts were to no avail. On completing college and obtaining her PhD in Pharmacology Lindsey opened her own pharmacy named Boothe’s Pharmacy.

Twin Bond
Lindsey and Michael at age 8 were coming home after dark and had to cross a bridge to get back to their house. While crossing the bridge a huge man covered in rags and smelling awful came out of the darkness. Lindsey was terrified even before the man threatened to eat them both and after that she quaked with terror. Lindsey froze, but Michael leaped into action and managed to knock the man down and they took off running. They reached the end of the bridge and ducked behind a bush. Lindsey closed her eyes and repeated over and over “Please don’t see us.” Some time later Michael shook her and said the man had left. Creates the phase aspect Twin Bond

Lindsey has most recently been in the following adventures:

  • “Smash and Grab”
    Sam enters a pharmacy to find the place in shambles, as someone in rags stumbles out with bottles of prescriptions followed by a guy with a bag of Funyuns. Sam goes inside and offers to help the pharmacist clean up. The pharmacist appreciates this and as the two clean and start to talk they become friends. Phase aspect Real friends help you hide the bodies
  • Breakfast at Lindseys with Nathan
  • Cat’s Paw with the whole gang

Lindsey Boothe

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