High Concept: The Runt of the Litter
Other Aspects: Insatiable Appetite, Hitting not Hugging, Cult? What Cult? <burp>
Alertness: Good (3)
Athletics: Great (4)
Endurance: Good (3)
Fists: Great (4)
Intimidation: Good (3)
Presence: Good (3)
Most other skills default to Mediocre, with any physical ones defaulting to Fair.
Claws [–1]
Human Guise 0]
Feeding Dependency (Meat) 1, affecting:
Inhuman Strength [–2]
Supernatural Recovery [–4]
The Catch [+2] is wounds from holy objects. Also, dead is dead with a ghoul; if you inflict enough massive trauma (e.g., decapitation), it’s not something they come back from.
Mental oo Physical oooo
Social oooo Hunger oo
Weapon:3 strength & claws, Great attack, Superb defense, and an Epic initiative make these bad boys extra bad.
Total Refresh Cost: –6


A thin, pale man with awkward features. He looks human, but something about his appearance is extremely creepy. Grimgnaw has been living in Albany for some time, surviving off of transients, lost pets, and road kill, and hiding from the ghouls that live in the wilder areas near by. He’s small and stunted for a ghoul, and has had to be a good deal more cunning than normal to survive. That’s the reason he didn’t immediately devour the entire Trinity Cult when they first began to worship him, and his restraint was paid off when they began bringing victims to him. Oh sure, he occasionally devours an acolyte, just to remind them who their god is, but all in all he is almost fond of them. He doesn’t really understand what all the candles and chanting is for, but he’s a big fan of the blood sacrifice.


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