The Albany Files - A Dresden Files RPG

Wayward Child

Michael Boothe (The Butcher’s Boy)

While wandering the south end of Albany, a roughly 10 year old girl covered in blood ran into Michael. When he tried to ask her what happened, she took off again, and Michael followed her into a local shelter for children. Michael attempted to track where she had run from, but found nothing suspicious other then a butcher shop open rather late. Michael went into the shop under the guise of seeking a late night snack, and found that explanation of accepting a late night shipment to be reasonable, and left. Shortly after Michael received a call from Duncan to inform Michael of a recent bloody murder of another 10 year old child. Michael explained about the girl he had seen, and Duncan decided to join Michael to see if she could calm down enough to speak to us. The group got together at the Equinox Youth Shelter and persuaded the night staff to let them speak to Camile. After some difficulty, Camile told them that she and the boy, Alex were held prisoner in a basement with other people, who were cut up for to be eaten. The party split up as Michael, his sister Lindsey and the Werewolf Dave investigated the now closed butcher shop while Sam, Duncan and Nathan visited the Elbo Room to see if they knew anything about the body. In the Butcher Shop Lindsey found a hidden switch to open a secret panel which led the group to a hidden tunnel that led to a homeless shelter a few blocks away. The group met up with everyone else in the Elbo Room, where it was determined that there was a pack of werewolves who have been in a turf war with the Butchers, which Lindsey and Sam determined to be ghouls, Foul, Unholy minions of a yet Darker being, while Duncan explained who directed him to the murder in the first place, and Lindsey and Sam determined that Duncan’s contact may in fact be a Vampire, although one who does not seem to fit the stereotype.



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