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Ghoul Moon

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While trying to plan our next steps outside Trinity the group watched a group of thugs roll up. The thugs turned out to be a gang know as the Murda Boyz and they demanded a tax for being in their territory. Peace talks broke down quickly (around the time Duncan started using words like Parole Officer) and a fight broke out. Michael disarmed a thug of his baseball bat, Duncan took a slash to the ribs but managed to put down another thug, I got two good kinetic punches in and Sam managed to send two thugs flying and blinded a third with his own shirt. David latched onto another thug like a crazed monkey and Nathan just got lost. Things took a serious turn when David changed and suddenly the thugs got scared thinking we were all part of the werewolf gang Lupus. They quickly got out of there and we all decided to call it a night. Got to test my healing potion on Duncan and it worked like a charm. Note to self: Make tailor in a bottle potion to repair destroyed suits…..liquid dry cleaner? Anyway, after a good night’s rest and a chance to brew up some fresh potions “Wendy and the lost boys” met at our house to plan the next steps. The decision was made for the team to split up. Sam and Duncan started to look into Trinity. Michael and Nathan went to the “Steak and Waffle Breakfast” at Trinity disguised, to a greater or lesser extent, as homeless people. David and I headed out to touch base with some local residents, but as soon as we heard about “steak and waffles” we rushed to Trinity and under a veil snuck in. We discovered that they were dragging homeless people downstairs, but before we could tell the others all hell broke out and a woman was snatched. We rushed down into the tunnel as quickly as we could, only to be greeted by a body part throwing ghoul. I used some disorienting spells on him, while Duncan sprayed the room with a fire extinguisher and Michael took some swipes with his sword. Nathan surprised us all by taking a bite out of the ghoul so I summoned up an image of a missing leg and Michael managed to slice it nearly in half. Rushing down the hall we saw a dark ritual under way with Sera the reporter on an alter surrounded by a moat of blood. Michael tried to dive into the circle and was hit by a wall of energy and thrown backwards into the wall. The dark priestess managed to stab Sera in the back, but she flew upwards and sprouted wings. There is no way any of this is good news for us…

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