The Albany Files - A Dresden Files RPG

A Ghoulish affair

The evening continued into some unexpected mayhem, as a group of street thugs challenged the group for being in their territory. Clearly misguided humans, Michael needed to protect them from themselves, and defended himself by hand against the idiot wielding a baseball bat. Before Michael could even get a punch in, Lindsay and Sam took down most of the group while Dave mauled one of the poor souls. As the thugs began to back off, Dave began to turn in the beast which lies in his heart and tear one of them apart. Once in his canine form, the thieves recognized him as a Lupine, a powerful local gang, and offered their drug stash for their lives, but took both and fled. The group too the night to rest, as all were tired and near breaking for the night. Everyone met back at the Boothe House and a plan to further investigate the shelter was formed, and it was discovered that the shelter was hosting a breakfast. Michael and Nathan to investigate the shelter while everyone else separated and tried to speak to the locals, and the organization behind the shelter. It became immediately obvious that the steak and waffles was the place to be, and the streets were flooding to it. Once everyone gathered at the shelter, a reporter was carried beyond a secured door to what we know to be a tunnel to the butchers. Once beyond the secure doors, a monster stepped beyond a door and it seemed for a moment that the bowels of hell had poured out a nightmare, and the stench struck them all as fiercely as the sight. The fight was the greatest test of faith Michael had yet faced, but with the help of his sister and their friends, but in the end, Montagiu found his way, and cut deeply, and the life poured from its heart. They all chased still, to find the stolen reporter, and found their way into the tunnel. The tunnel led to the butcher shop, as expected, but instead of more waiting hellspawn, there were people, watching a woman with a knife prepare to kill the reporter. Michael spend a moment of hesitation to decide between crossing the boundary of blood with Montagiu bared, or to use his shotgun from without. Michael charged forward with Montagiu, but the hesitation had a deep price, as Michael just began to move, a wall of energy slammed him against the back wall where he watched with disbelief as the reporter was stabbed and wings sprung from her back.



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